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What is Witchcraft?

That's what this website is here to find out. Witchology.com is the website of WICA - the Witchcraft Information Centre and Archive - founded in 1999 as a research and education provider specialising in the areas of Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, Magic (Magick) and the Occult. We have been online continuously since 2000.

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Nicht ganz so elitär, dafür aber bequem übers Internet zu erreichen ist die einzige offizielle Zauberschule im Netz. (L!VE Magazine, 2002)

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While exploring the ways of Light and Spirit within the seas of cyberspace I was blessed to find your Refreshing and Wonderful site. (Michael Teal, 26 December 2004)

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The Supernatural"The Supernatural is the perfect introduction to the world of all things eerie, inexplicable and otherworldly." - Jason Karl, Most Haunted

Witchcraft out of the Shadows: A Complete History"Witchcraft out of the Shadows: A Complete History is an engaging book which deserves to be the benchmark for all future analyses of the Craft." More

Faustus: The Life and Times of a Renaissance Magician"Dr Ruickbie has re-evaluated the Faust tradition from a position of authority. A work of meticulous scholarship that can be read as a gripping page-turner." More

Open Source WiccaHistories of the Barbarians: Vandals, Goths and FranksBeowulf in Anglo-Saxon and English Translation

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Meet the Witchcraft Team

The Witchology Team

Here you will find information about the people who have volunteered to help us with our work on witchcraft, Wicca, magic (magick) and the occult at witchology.com.

Meet the Witchology Team

Please note that Witchology.com is neither owned nor operated by the volunteers and does not (except where stated) reflect their views or opinions.


Listed in alphabetical order by first name.


Place of birth: Bolivia, South America. Interest in wichtcraft: as a path to find answers about the potential and purpose of the human being. Also interested in alchemy, parapsychology and mythology. Freetime activities: play guitar, runes, pendulum, meet people and research. (Received: 16 January 2006 18:15)


I live in Kentucky, USA. I am 20 years old and practicing for about a year now. I have been interested since I can remember. I have never wondered why or looked for any "life altering" answers. I didn't even wonder to myself why i am so interesed until other people started asking. I have the ability to know things for sure before other people, although, like many things, I have never been able to use it for personal gain. My friends sure do though!!! Mostly yes or no questions, they all know the drill. Ask me very quickly and suddenly, as if you didn't mean to, and whatever pops out of my mouth first will be your answer. I am still developing as a witch, as well as with other talents. (Received: 10 April 2006 17:33)

Eva S.

I am a 32 year old Hungarian living in Romania, mother of the sweetest and most mischievous little girl in the world. I was raised a Christian but haven’t practiced it for quite a long time. I have been keeping a Book of Shadows for several years, but can’t claim to be a practicing witch, yet. My chief interests are Runes, the Tarot, and herbal magick. I like to read mythology (especially Celtic myths), poetry, and drama. (Received: 25 April 2006 09:54)


I was born in Ft. Bliss Texas and then moved to Indiana. There I graduated high school at Vevay High and enlisted in the Army in 1998. I served a tour in Panama before we turned the cannal back over to the Panamanian gov. I have also served two tours in Kosovo as part of the peace enforcement prossess in 1999-2000 then again in 2002. My last tour took me to Iraq in 2004-2005, where I was stationed in a city called Samarra. There we helped develop relations between the peaceful citizens and their new goverment. We also rooted out the insurgents in Samarra and Faluja. On 8 July 2004 my platoon was attacked by a suicide bomber at the Iraqi national gaurd compound outside of Samarra. We lost 5 guys and 12 of us were injured - not as bad as its seems I just got a 2inch gash on my head and lost some of my memory. After Iraq I left the Army to pursue my own ideas and ventures which lead me here to witchology.com. (Received: 09 January 2006 23:54)


I am a married witch, 30 years old, with two children, aged 11 and 5, and we live in South Africa. I have been practicing witchcraft and living the religion for about 5 or 6 years now. I believe I was always a witch and just didn’t know it. I have researched most religions and been to quite a few different Christian churches, always leaving with the empty feeling I went with. Only in Wicca do I feel fulfilled and whole, especially after a ritual. I am learning the Tarot at the moment, but seem to read normal playing cards much easier. I recently started making real soap - still experimental! Have done some paintings, nothing special - just for fun. Have a fabulous herb garden and research on it continuously. I can give you a concoction for almost any illness or problem straight from my garden. (Received: 12 January 2006 21:35)

Mel N.

Hi, I'm Mel and I am a witch. Nah, not really. Only according to my mother who called me a witch when I was a little monster in my early teens and caused trouble at home. Like biting my brother (well, he deserved it). Now, at 31 years, I am all grown up (admittedly not completely). I am living in Reading / Berkshire. I have lived there since 2002, but I have been in the UK for over 7 years now. I am originally from Unna in Germany. Witchcraft & Spiritualism always held my interest, but I have never done any real research in that field. Only recently I started to familiarize myself with the subject and I have to say it fascinates me. There's so much more to it than broomsticks, riding across the moon, gatherings at night, black cats & potions. And I sincerely do hope that one day my knowledge about the craft will have a solid foundation. Maybe after all all my mum didn't call me a witch for nothing... (Received: 14 July 2006 10:58)

Michele C.

I am a wife, mother and housewife. My mother language is Afrikaans and I live in South Africa. My interests include Celtic mythology, Celtic Witchcraft, Runes and Ogham, Tarot, Herbalism, Healing with crystals, and much more. I love to write poetry and stories for my kids- I wrote a poem/story for my 8 year-old explaining the meanings of the Runes in Afrikaans, adding mythology and fairy people along the way and illustrating it. (Received: 13 January 2006 08:36)

Michele F.

I live the northwest hills of Connecticut. I am a single mother who raises my six year old son. I have only's had a passion for wicthes, and hope to become one myself. Ever since I was a small child I have always felt I had strong sixth sense. I love the supernatural, and BELIEVE in it. I recently got involved in Tarot cards. I really am ready for so much more. (Received: 14 April 2006 16:23)

Morning Starr

I am 22 with four children. I am happily married to a Baptist man who is converting to Paganism - makes for a very interesting holiday season though. My mother is a Celtic Pagan; my father is Native American and I? Well, I am a Wiccan. I have raised my children for the last 5 years as Pagans. My mother is High Priestess of the Twin Moon Coven in Wichita, Kansas, and my family are avid participants. We enjoy getting together for Sabbats and having a great time. My dream is to become a Probation Officer and help troubled youth. My ambitions are to make sure my kids are safe and they understand where they come from. I am interested in witchcraft mostly because that is all I have known for the last 22 years. I am currently attending college at Kaplan University for a Bachelor in Criminal Justice and an associate's in religion science. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with the readers as well as gaining knowledge from others. (Received: 08 January 2006 19:07)


I'm 23 years old, I live on the Isle Of Wight, and I have 2 cats called Tabitha and Gizmo. I've been a Wiccan since I was a teenager but have only been seriously practicing for a couple of years. I'm a tarot reader and also maintain a blog. (Received: 23 January 2006 17:51)


I am 36, a volunteer firefighter and mother of 3. Witchcraft has always been something I have been drawn to. My aunts best friend was a highpriestess of a coven in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I have always searched for knowledge in any form. I live by the rules of treating nature with the deepest respect. I have read tarot cards and and trying learn more about this, we are forever learning. When I was younger I used to see things before they happened, mostly with a few family members but sometimes people I didn't know, Unfortunately, the things I saw were usually "bad". When I told my family of what I "saw" they tended to believe me and didn't do what I saw them doing that would cause them harm. As I have aged and life has been more hectic my visions have subsided. I believe I have a wandering spirit that protects me, and when I am upset does things to let me know I'm not alone. (Received: 21 April 2006 05:33)


Ayshia, BillieJean, Brandy, Cecile, Chris, Erica, Frances, Heather, Jaline, JC, Karsten, Lazuli, Lila, Linda, Lynda, Mark, Michelle B., Michelle M., Michelle Lee, Morven, Naurfea, Okkert, Oliver, Paige, Ruth, Sarah, Stephanie, Tanya, Tony, Willem, Wilma, Zoe.

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