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Michael Jackson GhostMichael Jackson Ghost Sightings

Has Michael Jackson come back fom the dead? Speculation reaches fever pitch as reports of sightings come in from all over the world. Are we witnessing genuine paranormal phenomena or mass hysteria?

Michael Jackson Paranormal File

Does Jackson’s Ghost Haunt Neverland?

Posted 17 July 2009

During filming inside Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch for Larry King Live on CNN, the cameraman caught a shadowy figure moving across a long hallway. Many watching CNN's ‘Exclusive: Inside Neverland’ were convinced that they had seen the ghost of Michael Jackson haunting his former home. Video clips were soon circulating on YouTube and across the internet. [1]

CNN’s Larry King returned to the solve the mystery following screening of the video. With millions watching the video clip around the world and intenational news coverage from the like’s of UK’s ITN, the story had gone viral. Larry King Live producer David Theall explained the phenomenon as the shadow cast by someone walking in front of a lighting rig set up for the filming. Appearing on King’s programme, Jackson's longstanding friend Miko Brando admitted to having seen nothing during filming at the ranch, but added ‘I wish it was him, it would be great.’ [2]

Even after CNN solved the ghost mystery an online poll by WeeklyWorldNews.com showed that 42 per cent believed that the shadow was the ghost of Jackson. Another 26 per cent were not sure and only 32 per cent believed outright that it was the shadow cast by one of the film crew. [3]

More viewers were convinced they saw Jackson’s ghost appear again, this time at his memorial service concert. As the screen faded from musician John Meyer to a shot of Michael Jackson, many people believed that the transparent transition image was a supernatural manifestation. [4]

Ghostly Images Seen on Inanimate Objects

Ghost of Jackson Appears on Car Bonnet

Builder Gary Slogget, 43, of Stafford was amazed to see Michael Jackson’s image appear in photographs of his Rover 200. After taking the pictures the day after Jackson died it was several days before e uploaded them to his computer and made the discovery. Clouds reflected on the Rover’s bonnet give the impression of a featureless face staring down from the sky. He had been taking the photographs to advertise his car in a sales magazine. It eventually sold for 650GBP. [5]

Jackson's Face Seen on Tree Stump

Home owners in Stockton, USA, were convinced that Michael Jackson’s face had appeared on a stump on a birch tree. A resident told Andrew Luria reporting for CBS News that ‘To Stockton Michael Jackson meant more to us than maybe Jesus did.’ [6]

Jackson Speaks from Beyond the Grave

Psychic Christian von Lähr appeared on the late night radio talkshow Coast to Coast AM, claiming to be able to channel the spirit of Michael Jackson. Speaking to presenter Ian Punnet, von Lähr said that Jackson was able to talk through him and went on to reveal details of a family trust fund – a story that was only broken by CNN two days later. It should be pointed out that it is in no way unusual for someone with substantial assests to make out trust funds to provide for family members, hence the apparent revelation is an entirely logical conjecture that requires no supernatural explanation. Von Lähr also added to the debate about possible foul play in Jackson’s death by claiming to deliver the following from Jackson himself: ‘The oxygen tank was half empty. Did it run out? There’s something wrong with the air... it wasn’t... I wasn’t gone eight... eight or eighteen? I’m not sure when I passed. There’s something wrong with that.’ [7]

Other psychics have also entered the arena, claiming to have received messages from Jackson. British psychic Lisa Williams said that Jackson had told her that he wanted to be contacted, especially by family and friends. James van Praagh says that Jackson is missing his children, but is now surrounded by peace and love, and is happy, saying that he died from exhaustion and that no one is blame for his death. Judy Hevenly of LA, self-styled psychic to the stars, claims that Jackson was an alien and has now returned to his ‘alien homes of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn’ because ‘his mission on earth was complete’. [8]

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