About L.P. Ruickbie, author of the Witchcraft Chronicles e-book

L.P. Ruickbie is the Director of the Witchcraft Information Centre & Archive [WICA], a research consultancy and education provider specialising in Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism.

He has been awarded the degrees of BA (Hons), MA and AKC, and recently submitted his doctoral thesis entitled The Re-Enchanters: An Inquiry into the Social Significance of Modern Witchcraft at King's College, London.

In October, 2001, he published Out of the Shadows a 70,000 word e-book to accompany WICA's Diploma in Witchcraft Studies course. In March, 2002, he published The Enchanted Heart, an encyclopaedia of amatory magic. In addition, he contributes regular news stories to the WICA website and is currently working on a number of new research projects.

You can read more about L.P. Ruickbie on the WICA.org.uk website.

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