Witchcraft Chronicles Support

System Requirements The Witchcraft Chronicles can be read on virtually any system with the minimum of requirements. You should at least have an operational computer (Mac or PC), keyboard, mouse and free Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed.

Access The CD-ROM edition is supplied with full instructions on use. The online edition is accessed via a private Internet location using passwords e-mailed to the customer with full instructions on operation.

Contact E-mail the author to discuss a specific issue or visit the publishers at WICA.org.uk.

Third Party Contacts Visit the PayPal or Adobe websites to find out more about them.

Additional Support Adobe provide full support for their Reader software including instructions on installation and use.

If you can read this text, please visit www.WitchcraftChronicles.com to find out more about the Witchcraft Chronicles project.

Copyright 2002 L.P. Ruickbie. All rights reserved.