The Witchcraft Chronicles, Vol. I: 2000 - The Modern Story of Witchcraft and Wicca

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Witchcraft Chronicles: 2000 by LP Ruickbie - Title Page

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Published 2001 by WICA
76pp, A4 size, 690kb.
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The Christian Millennium was a great year for Pagan Witchcraft and now you can read all about it with the Witchcraft Chronicles: 2000, an e-book by L.P. Ruickbie, Director of the Witchcraft Information Centre & Archive [WICA], a leading expert in the field of Witchcraft.

Imagine all the news stories about Witchcraft from all over the world in one e-book. At last, here it is. The Witchcraft Chronicles: 2000 is a collection of all the news stories for 2000 specially written for the WICA website. Including bonus stories from 1999 and 1998, Witchcraft Chronicles: 2000 is a thorough reference work and an enthralling read. Its user-friendly interface makes searching and reading the news a pleasure. Watch history as it unfolds before your eyes. Read it if you dare!

Indispensible for anyone interested in Witchcraft, whether Witches, students, researchers or historians. Read about Harry Potter, the rise of modern Paganism, issues facing Witches and Wiccans, witch-hunting, ritual murder and more. [Full Contents] [What are people saying about it?]

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