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Love Spells: Fantasy or Fact?
Could an "underground encyclopaedia" of love magic hold the hidden secret of abundant love?

By L.P. Ruickbie, Director, Witchcraft Information Centre & Archive

"I found myself nodding with agreement... worth at least twenty times its cover price."
—Roger Elmsworth, world famous magician, occultist and paranormal investigator. Author of over 50 books.

Imagine if you had in your possession a master magician's collection of secret love spells. How much would that power be worth to you? How dramatically could you improve your love life with just a few of these ancient spells?

The Enchanted Heart is just such a collection of invaluable magical charms and formulae used since time immemorial to enhance people's love lives. From 2000 BC to 2000 AD, we have collected together 4000 years of love spells. From an ancient magician's library in Egypt to a modern American Witch's Book of Shadows, these spells come from every corner of the world.

Learn the Magic  Previously revealed to only a handful of select individuals, these are just a few of the ways in which you will benefit:

  • 8 Magic Amulets to wear or carry to draw, attract and bind love to you.

  • 22 Candle Spells to guide you by their light to true love.

  • 12 spells just for men to attract women, get them to do anything you want and improve your performance.

  • 9 spells just for women to get the man you want and keep forever or just the weekend, you decide.

  • 23 Potions for new lovers and old, to improve love-making and capture people's hearts.

  • 2 Sigil Spells to utilise the latest developments in magical theory to win the love you deserve.

  • 8 Voodoo Doll Spells to attract, bind and compel love. Powerful magic to be used with caution.

  • 20 Quick Spells for magicians in a hurry—forget the three day purification rites and get straight to the magic. Ideal for Friday nights.

  • 7 Spells to arouse desire and sustain it. Once you have found love with the other spells these ancient sex magic formulae are indispensable.

  • 29 Spells to attract love to you. These can be used for people you know and those you don't. Ideal if you have no one special in mind, except the man or woman of your dreams. With magic you can be a love magnet.

  • 2 Spell to beautify: attract love by being more attractive.

  • 9 Spells to bind a lover to you: stop a straying partner and put an end to jealousy.

  • 12 Spells to break relationships: in love with the wrong person, or is the right person in love with someone else? If you don't like it, now you can change it.

  • 23 Spells to compel love when gentler methods of attraction are not enough. Does that special someone just ignore you? Make sure they will never think of anyone else again.

  • 4 Love curses. We probably should not have included such dangerous spells, but we did not want to withhold anything from you. Perhaps someone has put a love curse on you—you need to know what they are to be able to deal with them.

  • 3 Divining spells to find out where your love life is going. Are you in the right relationship? Is love around the corner?

  • 63 Incantations to begin, continue or end any relationship. Long forgotten magical words are revealed for the first time. Learn the language of magic to achieve your heart's desire.

  • 5 Dreaming spells to dream and be dreamed of. Imagine if your heart's desire lay in bed each night dreaming of no one but you.

  • 6 Invocations of the gods and goddesses of love and desire. If love does not come your way, then get divine assistance.

STOP—and picture how much better life will be when you can use the The Enchanted Heart to help you improve your love life. Since you've read this far, you're obviously experienced enough to understand how valuable this forbidden collection of magical charms, ancient formulae and secret incantations will be to your love life. Now gain possession of these ancient secrets for yourself.

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